Ecrime Photo Face Matching App

Ecrime Photo Face Matching App

Criminals identification using face recognition based mobile app to search and identify criminal details. In the existing system finding the criminal and identify the background data is diffcuilt, which leads to time taking process and lack of accurcy. The proposed mobile applications contains criminal details such as name, case no, photo and etc. Police shall search using face recognition and other details easily through mobile. Ecrime Photo Face Matching App This research proposes an unobtrusive means of acquiring and recording shoeprints of anyone who enters the safe room.

Module Description

ecriminal Identification Using Face Matching Based Mobile App consists of two generally independent systems. The first is a regular web application, which provides a number of web pages containing documents, pictures and other materials that have been picked up from every medium as a summarization can be accessed through mobile browsers of the clients. After becoming registered members, the client users can also upload and maintain their personal information, receive customized information, and participate in forum discussions.

3.2 System Features

In the life of the software development, problem analysis provides a base for design and development phase. The problem is analyzed so that sufficient matter is provided to design a new system. Large problems are sub-divided into smaller once to make them understandable and easy for finding solutions. Same in this project all the task are sub-divided and categorized.