Configurable Online Test Creation in PHP with Auto Evaluation of Students Running on the Server of the Sun Trackers

INTRODUCTION In today’s internet driven word, eLearning became very popular [14], following this online testing also [1]. In the future there is a need for developing new methods for creating a platform [15], where students can attend courses and can be evaluated remotely [2]. In other words, the final goal is for a student to attend a whole bachelor and master cycle using only an internet connection [3]. The hardest task is to create correct testing methods [4], where a student cannot trick the evaluating system. For this, one of the best solutions is the testing made in PHP, because PHP runs on the web server, this way the correction key cannot be obtained. For stopping the students to search the responses from books, it can be put timing [5], which is so short that the students cannot find the responses in that amount of time. The hardest part is to find methods to create online testing as correct as possible [6]. On-line tests can easy to work of tutors and students [8]. These tests can ease the work of students because they don’t have to write so much in an exam, but still their knowledge can be checked [9].It can also ease the work of tutors [9] because they don’t need so much time to correct the tests, the test can be corrected immediately and without errors by the computer. These tests can also minimize frauds since there is no time for cheating in the exam. These tests can even be taken at home by the students, when they have time [10], this way there is no need to organize official exam days, the tutors do not need to survey exams and the students can take the exams in a flexible time [11], when they are the most prepared [12]. II. PROBLEM FORMULATION There was a need in our university to create a configurable on-line test for students. The goal was to create an online testing method which is very similar to the tests on paper and an easy method to create new tests [16], to evaluate the new tests and to make it robust [13], so the student cannot trick the system.

PROBLEM SOLUTION The first task was to create an online platform [17], where the tests can be accessed by the students [18]. There was allocated some free space on the university’s web server. There was decided that it would be the best to be made in PHP, because the code runs on server, so the correct answers cannot be seen by the students and it has many other useful functionalities too. The test was done specifically for our university’s needs, to be as similar as a written test on paper, with the difference that all is done online [19], [20]. All the questions are on the same page, like it would be in a test written on paper. This is very good for students, because they can skip some questions which they don’t know and get back to it later. On many online tests where every question has a new page, there is no possibility to get back to a previous question. In a test for students, there is crucial to get back to a previous question because the tests have a limited amount of time and there can be taken only specific amount of times (usually three times), so the student cannot try the test until the test is passed.

The test is made for checking the knowledge of the students about the history of internet at a laboratory. The test takes only 1 minute, this means 15 seconds/question. Each question has 2.5 points, if all the answers are correct, the student get the highest grade, 10 points. This test has only questions with only one correct answer, but it can be made tests with more correct answers. First the student must write his name, fist name, year, specialization and group. Initially all the check marks, from the responses, are dimmed. When the student pressed the “Start” buttons the evaluation starts, the time starts to count back and the check marks, from the responses, become active. When the student ends the test, he can press the evaluate button to see his results, or it is done automatically when the time expires, after this time, the check marks from the responses become dimmed again. This way it will be no possibility to change the responses after the evaluation process. For each correct answer a certain point is given and finally is displayed the sum of these points, which will be the final grade.