College Management System

College Management System

An Android application for college is an application that can be accessed throughout the organization and especially by students well with proper login provided when needed. This application can be used by students using their smart phones. Using this application students will able to stay updated with their college events, circular notices, exam time table. An android based college campus to share the college campus activities application will provide updates to the students of their respective departments, notices regarding the recruiting company, campus interview date and other placement activities.

Online Road Complaints Registration System

System Modules:

  1. Admin (Web Interface):

Log in:

In log in page, admin can only view the shared information. They can’t update or edit any information.

Sign in and Sign up:

The staff will be having an account to update the college information because students know who update the information.        In sign up, Staff adds the following details,

  • Staff name:
  • Department:
  • Mobile no:
  • Password:
  • Confirm password:

Add Students Details and View details:

Admin creates the students details with following requirements,

  • Student name
  • Register number
  • Department
  • Year
  • Password (Date of birth)
  • Gender


  • Sports:
    • Game name
    • Department Vs
    • Date & Time
  • Conference:
  • Conference Name
  • Conducted by
  • Department participated
  • Place
  • Date & Time
  • Cultural:
  • Date & Time

Placement Details:

  • Company Name
  • Eligible Candidates (CGPA mark %)
  • Skills
  • Job Description
  • Date & Time
  • Place
  • Eligible Department

Circular     & Other notices:

Any other information are updated this site with specific departments or all departments.


Admin updates any images in this site with specific departments.