Design and Implementation of Women Safety Band with switch over methodology using Arduino Uno

Women Safety And Security App

Design and Implementation of Women Safety Band with switch over methodology using Arduino Uno

A Women safety band (WSB) is a technology used to protect women from various and unnecessary dangerous situation. This paper presents switch-over text messaging and also describes various uses advantages of women protection band and also compares the technologies developed in the field of women security.

The device mainly works on the principle of global positioning system, Bluetooth, multiple functioning microcontroller and switch over methodology. Meanwhile, the device can be easily made compatible with the smartphone having an app named “ALERT” which can be downloaded from google play store.

Women Safety and Security App

Our paper presents our project WSB (women safety band) ??? and why we need such category of devices for the protection of women in India so, here is the answer according to survey, there are 106 rape cases per day in which 4/10 victims are the minors in India these crimes use to held every day and effects the lives of more than 1000 females. According through the research done on the various newspaper articles on women crimes, concludes that. During the time when the victim got accused she was all alone and was not able to contact her guardians easily. So we came up with an idea of developing a safety device for women. This device is made up using a microcontroller Arduino mini, a Bluetooth module hc-05 and a switch-over technology is used for instant texting. A desired app should be installed which can be downloaded from Google play store for free. The individual have to feed the mobile phone numbers of her guardian and of the people whom she want to call in critical situation. the Smartphone should be connected to the device using a Bluetooth technology. when the victim feels unsafe while passing through a secluded place. she can switch-over the device for instant helping action. The device will send a signal and then the Smartphone will send a text to the mobile phone numbers which are feeded in the application. the text message provides the latitude and the longitude of the victim and by using them the victim can be found easily and can be save from the unusual critical situation. Code Shoppy

There are a lot of devices developed in the field of women safety against various criminal activities but women safety device is having some special kind of features which make women safety band cheap in cost, most reliable, and easy to use. The other devices have a built in a feature of global positioning system which makes their devices bulky and more power consuming whereas other devices also uses separate service identity module but women safety band is designed in such a way that the device uses only switch over methodology and a Bluetooth connectivity to the smartphone. Everybody is in today’s era is using smartphone so individual just have to connect her smartphone to the device, and the device will do switching and signal transmission and the rest of the work will be done by the app pre-installed in the smartphone already The device also provides a delay-time of 5 seconds to avoid unwanted traffic of signal. Some device reacts on a thermal and heartbeat. Some device reacts on thermal (body temperature) and heartbeat sensor but there are some demerits related to them but in daily life when she is going through daily life activities like running, walking, moving up and down on stairs due to these several activities the heartbeat and thermal temperature of her body increases rapidly and due that devices will send unwanted signal.

The result we got after using the device during night time at approx. 12o’ clock at a abandoned place are shown below in result we got the details of the victim and the latitude & longitude of the victim, we analyzed that the switching response time of the signal is in microseconds and the text messaging time is also in microsecond. When we compiled latitude and longitude together which we got via text message we got the exact location of victim.