V-Buddy: A Learning Management System




V-Buddy: A Learning Management System

The software we are going to build is useful for different users such as students, placement coordinator, academic coordinator, exam coordinator, faculties, etc. for fulfilling their requirements. The user who accesses the system through his unique log in id and password and then gets  information according to the access rights established in the system. Students will be able to get information related to placements, holidays, announcements from faculties, events, timetable, etc. through android app and faculties will have access to the system through a web portal from which information will be shared. V-Buddy: A Learning Management System Keywords:- Learning Management System, Student, Faculty, Android, Laravel, Notifications


Software Requirements: –

Front End: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Back End: PHP, MYSQL
Control End: Angular Java Script

Android Emulator
Android SDK – adt-bundle-windows-x86
IDE: Eclipse Mars

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