Cruise Ship Management Mobile App


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Cruise Ship Management Mobile App

The ability of a cruise ship to provide necessary items during a voyage is solely dependent on its voyagers. In the event that a ship encounters any issues during its voyage, orders for requirements must be made through a walkie-talkie or telephone. This results in voyagers having to go directly to different departments to purchase the necessary items. To improve this system, an online platform was created where voyagers can order items using their unique ID and password. This platform allows voyagers to order catering and stationary items, as well as book tickets for the resort movies, beauty salon, fitness center, and party hall.Catering items encompass snacks, food, drinks, and more. Stationary items include gift items, candy, and storybooks. For movie tickets, voyagers can select the movie they want to watch, check seat availability, and then book their tickets. Resort booking allows voyagers to choose the type of restaurant they prefer, such as ocean view, balcony view, corridor view, or lounge booking. In terms of fitness center booking, voyagers can select the type of exercise equipment they prefer and book their gym work timing. Party hall booking facilities are also available where voyagers can select the type of hall they need for events such as birthday parties, marriage parties, engagement parties, business parties, get-together parties, and more. Cruise Ship Management Mobile App

The head cook is responsible for overseeing the catering items and passing orders to deliver them to various departments. The supervisor is responsible for stationary items and passing orders to deliver them to different departments. The manager is responsible for overseeing all the booking items. If tickets are not available at the time of booking/ordering, the system will display a message informing voyagers that the “ordering or booking items are currently not available.”

The admin maintains the menu items for the system and can insert, update, and delete menu items. The admin is also responsible for allocating voyager registration details and creating login IDs and passwords for voyagers. The admin will then provide voyagers with their login IDs and passwords.

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Software Requirements: –
Front End: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Back End: PHP, MYSQL
Control End: Angular Java Script

Android Tools:
IDE: Android Studio
Android Emulator
XAMPP 8.1 – 64 bit

PHP Tools:
XAMPP 8.1 – 64 bit

Existing Definition:

            This project is associated to maintain Ship details, Shipment details, Stock details and work order details these details are going to be maintained in manual process to do All these tasks it will take lot of time. Thus the existing system not supporting multi-user support.It is having lots of manual work (Manual system does not mean that you are working with pen and paper, it also include working on spread sheets and other simple software’s).

Drawbacks of the system:

  • The existing is an undeveloped form and the manual process of the overall system is too clumsy and complicated.
  • The Customers facing lot of problems to know their c schedule details.
  • It is very difficult to know Employee work order details.
  • It is very difficult to know the stock details and available status immediately.
  • The present system is very less secure.
  • It is unable to generate different kinds of report.
  • It is difficult to maintain Phones.
  • Manual Interaction of Friends is much difficult.

Proposed Solution:

This product interacts with mainly three entities i.e. Customer, Employee and Stores Department. The automated system with distributed architecture can support issues like the system maintains the details of all types of ship details.  The system intemperate consistently all projects and sub contacts into one canted storage with proper association. The details about the shipment to Customer maintained very fast in a short period of time.  All the Ship details, work order details, Customer details are segregated and stored consistently with unique Ids.


The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible.

  • The schedule of the presently working Employee on various ships with the details of their status is maintained.
  • There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process.
  • The Optima Cruise Management Software is the complete, leading, most advanced system for the cruise ships industry Cruise Management system.
  • Synchronized online and telephonic boat reservation system would increases your reservations.
  • It provides integrated hospitality technology for the cruise line industry that automates operations such as collecting our systems.