Design and Implementation of the WebSite Based on PHP & MYSQL

With the development of Web technology, it is inevitable choice for all kind of corporate growth to combine traditional marketing with network marketing. The effective method of network marketing is to establish the website which is suitable for their company. At present the website development’s mainstream platform includes: LAMP (Linux operating system, Apache network server, MySQL database, PHP programming language), J2EE and. Net commercial software. Because PHP and MYSQL is free, open source and so on, they are noted for IT professionals. From the perspective of website traffic, more than 70% of website traffic is provided with LAMP, which is most popular platform for developing the website[1]. In this paper, we designed a website ZhuoQi based on PHP+MySQL. The paper is organized as follows. Section 1 analyzes development environment. In Section 2, we proposed the development model based on PHP. Then, case study in Section 4. we make conclusion In Section 5.

DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS A. The Choice of Development Language ASP.NET, PHP & JSP are three mainstream languages of the website development, which have their advantages and disadvantages respectively, the comparison between them is shown in Table ĉ [2,3]: The project takes PHP as the development language, the reason is as follows: • Free. the project is smallˈ which is no need to use the payment development platform such as and jsp. • Strong supporting. Middle and small scale websites, even some large-scale websites such as baidu, Sina in China take PHP as the development language, which can contribute to solve the problem during the programming. • Good portability. Although it is designed to use in the environment of Linux and Apache Web server system at first, now PHP is already transplanted any operating system and compatible standard Web server software. • Simple grammar. PHP has many similarities with the C programming language, so it is easy to program using PHP for the C programmers. • Rapid development. Because the source code is open, PHP will continue to develop rapidly.

B. Build Development Environment At present there are many development platform based on PHP. Generally most developers like the development environment LAMP. Those who have certain development experience can set up their development platform by choosing the related server, DBMS, and operating system. There are some PHP IDE(integrated development environment) such as AMPServ, WAMP, XMAPP, AppServ, PHPStudy in the market for the developers develop the website by using PHP. At present the main PHP IDE is Zend Studio, which has included developing components for PHP. It reduces the development time and simplifies the complex application plan during edition, debugging, analysis and optimization. The Zend Studio not only has code for high measurement, grammar shrinking automatically and bookmark, but also its embedded debugger which fits for local and remote debugging patterns. It is many high debugging functions such as variable tracking, Single-step operation, breakpoint, function calling, and so on. Moreover, it is also very stable in supporting Chinese for the latest version[4].

C. Notes in Building the Development Environment Those who are unfamiliar with the development environment do not set it up by himself for it may cause a conflict between various edition, moreover it is very difficult to solve the complex configuration problem. • PHP language version. Before development, you must ensure consistence of the edition between PHP language and the server. Now PHP mainly has two editions (PHP4 and PHP5). The different versions have the difference with SESSION, exception handling, the variable range, the data type and so on. • Server problem. The program which is edited with PHP in the windows platform will be arranged on the apache server. If it is arranged on IIS it leads to some incompatible problems and some update by manual such as writable rights is set up before uploading the document. There are not these problems if it is arranged on the apache server. • Database problem. DBMS using with PHP has MySQL, ORACLE and so on. MySQL is welcomed by most of the developers for it is open source, free, and efficient. MySQL is perfect database server software for medium and small application system. Besides standard ANSI SQL, it also supports many platforms. On the Unix/Linux system, MySQL also supports the multi-thread. MySQL becomes the first choice of middle and small level PHP website for it is open source and it provides a series of supports such as readwrite access.