Evaluation performance of Php MVC frameworks

Evaluation performance of Php MVC frameworks

There have been several PHP frameworks for developers to pick from in the latest years. Developers face problems choosing the most relevant frameworks and appropriate support functions to include in their project. For this reason, a clear understanding of the various frameworks is now becoming an important necessity for web developers. In this paper, we collected several research papers talking about different PHP frameworks, and we compared them with each other in several ways which are: Request per second, Memory usage, Response time and, Number of files using several PHP frameworks: Laravel, CakePHP, Codeigniter, symfony2, Phalcon, Symfony, and Yii. the Laravel outperforms other MVC framework in request per second, memory usage. On the other hand, phalcon outperforms other MVC frameworks in response time and number of files.

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One-page layout

This project aims to recreate a pixel perfect design and make a one-page responsive layout. This is also a beginner-level project that allows freshers to test their newly acquired knowledge and skill level. 

You can use the Conquer template to build this project. This template comes loaded with a host of unique layouts. Also, it brings before you a series of challenges that Web Developers often face in real-world scenarios. As a result, you are pushed to experiment with new technologies like Floats and Flexbox to hone the implementation of CSS layout techniques.

There are many benefits of PHP software development to a modified IT organization devoted in developing web-based applications and software, some of them includes, PHP shows flexibility in nature and can run under almost all the operating systems as well as under most important web servers. PHP is mainly very easy to learn and easy in developing vibrant web applications as a contrast to any high-level software languages and PHP is an open source software applications and thus decreases software development and maintenance rates, hence developers don’t have to spend money during the installation process.

Product Landing Page

Being the face of any website, a product landing page has the ability to target customers more than any other aspect through its visuals and various other compelling features. Design product landing page is vital for web developers to test practical skills and how convincing they actually are. Aspirants exploring web app project ideas must take up this interesting web development project for final year students to learn in-depth what customers demand and how visuals can grab their attention.web application project ideas for college students

To develop a product landing page of a website, you must have sound knowledge of HTML and CSS. In this project, you will create columns and align the components of the landing page within the columns. You will have to perform basic editing tasks like cropping and resizing images, using design templates to make the layout more appealing, and so on.