Education Loan (E- bank) Management System using with Csharp – Codeshoppy

Education Loan (E- bank) Management System using with Csharp – Codeshoppy

Most students and parents today realize how expensive an education is. Whether you hope to study at a private high school, a college, university, or an overseas school, tuition costs plus the costs of books and living can quickly add up. If you are worrying about the cost of school, you should not feel that money has to decide your education.

If you want to study abroad in India, it is possible to obtain educational loans. While getting these loans was difficult in the past, it has now become easier than ever before. A large number of national banks in India have created educational loans. Education Loan (E-Bank) Management The terms of these loans will vary with each institution, so it is important to do your research before using them.

Education Loan (E- bank) Management System using with Csharp - Codeshoppy

Existing System

  • Existing system is a manual one in which users are maintaining books to store the information like product details, Distributors details, purchases, sales details and accounts for every month. It is very difficult to maintain historical data.
  • Answering management query is a time consuming process.
  • Daily keeping a manual record of changes taking place in the library such as book being issued, book being returned etc can become cumbersome if the Library size is bigger.


  • It is difficult to maintain important information in books.
  • More manual hours need to generate required reports.
  • It is tedious to manage historical data which needs much space to keep all theStock Details, Order Details under time to time process.

Proposed System

This application keeps the data in a centralized way which is available to all the users simultaneously. It is very easy to manage historical data in database. No specific training is required for the distributors to use this application. They can easily use the tool that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and hence increases the performance.


  • It provides “better and efficient” service to members
  • Reduce the workload of employee
  • Faster retrieval of information about the desired book
  • Provide facility for proper monitoring reduces paper work and provide data security. All details will be available on a click
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