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collaborative Android application for big data analysis

collaborative Android application for big data analysis

Data analysis is considered as a prevalent as well as critical business need due to the blowup of big data and advent of cloud computing platform. Mobile applications consume huge amount of data gathered from heterogeneous big data repositories and provide us with meaningful insights from it. These applications include business finance, investment and social networks etc. Social data analysis is one of the very important area where big data plays a crucial role. Therefore, we collaboratively analyzed the social data and used it to develop an android mobile application called Get Tweet Information (GTI) to extract tweets from the Twitter using Twitter API. This application initially asks the user for the search keyword and then it analyse the whole Twitter database to find all the tweets that contains input keyword. Along with the tweets, the user can also get additional information including the username of the person who posted the tweet, timestamp, count of retweets for a particular tweet, location, description and timeline of the user who posted the tweet.

Android is an operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel, and it was primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is known to everyone that building projects in Android play the most important role for any android developer. Because the best way to learn Android is by developing some basic projects to some advanced projects. 

In the era laced with tech, android developers are set to experience a bright future. Android is not just a platform. There is so much more to it, and all of it can be experienced through working on android mini project topics.  As platforms for android mini project topics are becoming highly popular and more established with every passing day. 

Check out the top reasons why android mini project topics on the platform as so popular-

  1. There is a huge rise in the overall number of Android apps and android projects today. Android is the chosen platform for real-time apps and android projects in popular android project domains such as shopping and online payments.
  2. Google is well focused on smarter and automated stuff that use Artificial intelligence.
  3. Android Architecture from Google is helpful in defining best practices. Thus, Android development has become easier and more understandable, even for any challenging android studio project.

In Android, basically, programming is done in two languages JAVA or C++ and XML(Extension Markup Language). Nowadays KOTLIN is also preferred. The XML file deals with the design, presentation, layouts, blueprint, etc (as a front-end) while the JAVA or KOTLIN deals with the working of buttons, variables, storing, etc (as a back-end).



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