Android programming course features – Codeshoppy

Android programming course features – Codeshoppy

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Android program design and teaching objectives, this paper proposes to use the active “project-driven” teaching method in the teaching of Android programming, which helps to improve students’ interest in learning, and focus on training and improving IoT students Android program development capabilities. Based on the Active Project-Driven Learning Method, the Android curriculum reform has fully mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of students in practical teaching. Students can master the overall process of project design and accumulate valuable project experience in learning, which helps to create strong conditions for employment. Project grouping operations can also cultivate students’ awareness of teamwork and enhance their ability to communicate and collaboration. Teaching practice has proved that based on job-driven project-driven teaching. Android has achieved good teaching results with feasibility and promotion.

Android programming course features - Codeshoppy

Android program developed by virtue of the open source, system stability, security, reliability and other advantages, which are much the industry’s preference. In recent years, with the widespread use of embedded operating systems, vocational colleges have successively set up Android
program development courses, and the development of Android programs has been set up in the fields of computer network technology, computer application technology, embedded technology and application, and IOT application technology. System course, Different professional positioning has combined with the particularity of the higher vocational students groups. Android program development courses in both teaching and learning are facing a severe test, Android program development of curriculum reform is imperative . Codeshoppy Active learning techniques such as Problem- Based Learning, Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) engage students and improve their performance positively. This article takes the curriculum reform of Android as its main body, and it designs and implements the curriculum project-driven task
for the job, so that the Android program development curriculum is closer to the job requirements in the field of technology and job, and meets the rules of highly skilled personnel training.

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With the advent of new mobile technologies, the mobile application industry is advancing rapidly. Android OS is recognized as the most widely used, popular and user- friendly mobile platform. Codeshoppy Android open-source operating system offers high flexibility due to its customization properties making it a dominant mobile operating system . In recent years, due to Android’s open- source and free features, Android has attracted a great deal of attention from more and more enterprises and agencies.