About Us

Family Room Cafe is a hand-created home-far from home, extraordinarily intended for the clients.

Our guarantee is to remain lowered and consistent with our foundations, and keep our quality high, with our costs low. Our sustenance is hand crafted, straight from our kitchens, made with affection, care and regard for guarantee it truly is ‘much the same as mum makes it’.

We opened our entryways and have been on an extraordinary voyage from that point forward. Our menu prospered with the commitment of numerous clients, until, after months really taking shape, we presently brag a full menu, including cake to steak, pasta to pizza and flavorfully new plates of mixed greens. An additional exceptional Little VIP kids’ menu and children corner are two of our preferred manifestations.

This is the ideal spot to take a mid-day break in the harmony and calm, go through the day with loved ones, work ‘from home’ on our comfortable parlors, spend the night getting a charge out of value espresso and crisp home-made cakes, or simply get something in a hurry. Anyway you invest your energy with us, we much obliged!

The Family Room Café is situated in Bracelona; an asylum amidst our clamoring city with our entryways open to everybody.

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